Fundraising with race nights

Fundraising with Race Nights

Fundraising Race Nights has proven to be a great successful for organisations which are trying to raise funds for Schools, Scout Groups, Football Clubs, Rugby Clubs, Golf Clubs, many other organisations and charities. No other event is so versatile and so much fun.

Selling  Horses

Maximise your profit for your Race Night by selling the horses in each of the races.

Fundraise by way of selling the horses in each of the races prior to your event.  We suggest that you sell all eight horses in races 1 to 7 leaving the 8 race as an auction race. (race 8 will be auctioned).

With regards to races one to seven sell all the horses to members of your organisation for at least £3 each with the inducement of a prize such as a bottle of wine for the owner who buys the winning horse in each race.  Personalise your own race card with the names of the owners and their horses.

Race Card – you may wish to use our race card template, please note we do not offer a Race card printing service . Download our race card template.

A typical example is to sell all horses in all seven races for £3 each = (£168). The winning owner of each race receives a bottle of wine. Let’s say a bottle of wine costs £8  this leaving you a profit in each race of £16. The total profit from 8 horses in 7 races would be £112 (if sold at £3)

Race Sponsorship

Gain a Sponsor for each of the races one to eight this can be done by approaching local businesses and asking them if they would like to sponsor a race.

By way of a cash donation or by donating a prize for the winning horse owner of the race they have sponsored. The sponsor then has their name printed on the personalised race card against the race they have sponsored.  Therefore their business is promoted to your audience on the evening by our compere.

AUCTION RACE – fundraising with Race Nights

The last race of the evening is usually an auction race. Our professional compare will auction each of the horses one to eight to the highest bidders with 50% of the total takings of the auction Race going to the winning owner and 50% to your charity.

(There are many other ways of raising funds including, Raffles, Stand up Bingo, Heads & Tails and Roll the coin these are incorporated with in the evening)


We Suggest that you sell all tickets to your event in advance of your function so that you have payment upfront.  You may decide you are going to offer a supper such as fish and chips.  Alternatively you wish to invite members of you audience to bring there own food and drink.  If you are going to sell Alcoholic Drinks at your event and make a profit from the sales then you will may need to obtain licence to do this.


Please see our Computerised tote system Video Clip.  Within this computerised tote system we can select a percentage you wish to retain for your charity. Should you wish to select 50% for your charity and payout 50% we can do this for you.

The computer will work out the amount to be paid to each wining ticket, whilst retaining your percentage for your charity so you don’t have to worry about working out what each winning ticket is worth as our computer will do this for you.

Fundraising with Race Nights  –   DO I NEED A BETTING LICENCE

Our standard race card list all the horses in each of the races each have amusing names, choose a number from one of eight. Place your bet and have fun. You bet on a number rather than a horse name, it’s as easy as that.

Race Nights are classified as a lottery, in other words, it is a game of chance rather than a game of skill.  There is no preview of the race until all bets have been placed and the tote is closed.

A betting licence is not required and does not fall under the laws of gambling as it falls under the gaming an lottery act.

Before any fund raising races are shown or the tote opens, your compere will tell you a about the evening then the evening begins with an introductory film.  Which sets the scene and explains the rules. If the members of your audience have never seen a horse race before they can’t fail to understand what’s going on. Once the introductory film has finished – the tote opens, place your bets on the tote.

Once all bets have been placed, the tote is then closed and a race is chosen at random by a member of the audience, the race is then shown. When the race has finished the winning horse number is displayed on screen, Should your horse win the race you then collect your winnings from the tote, the tote only pays to first over the line there is no placing.

A percentage is taken on each race for your charity or organisation. The betting then re-opens for the next race.